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Hi there,

If your mind and your heart have agreed with one another that you will get around and explore the good and the bad of Saigon by a motorbike and you are looking for a reliable bike at reasonable prices and with free riding instructions and unlimited supports, you have come to the right and best place. :) :)

Please remember that riding a motorbike in Saigon in particular and in Vietnam in general can be both risky and full of joy, fun, and excitement. Everything has two sides and we, human beings, are always forced to choose, everyday. Don’t ever think that riding a motorbike is easy, let alone riding a motorbike in Saigon where chaotic traffic is obvious , and don’t ever think that it is an “impossible mission”. Riding and driving is simple, but not easy. It is a skill which must and can be learned and acquired. “Practice makes perfect”, no quick fix!. Please visit my Fun Ride page to get a lot of free riding instructions.

If you come here by accident and have never thought of riding a motorbike in this completely mad traffic with out of rules behaviors, but you have read so far, I would also recommend you to visit my Fun Ride to discover why you should attain this kind of experience in Vietnam and my Funny Pictures about Traffic in Vietnam page to have some laughing and thinking.

What do I offer you?

It is simple and straight.I have two reliable motorbikes to offer you at a very reasonable price and with unlimited support. Here they are:

A Honda Air Blade, first version in Vietnam, a veteran of my father-in-law, very powerful and stable, women-killer and man-killer :-)

A Honda Air Blade, first version in Vietnam, a veteran of my father-in-law, very powerful and stable, women-killer and man-killer :-)

Honda Wave S, almost brand new, semi-automatic, safe for long rides on up and down roads, very low fuel consumption, and owned by me. :) :)

Honda Wave S, almost brand new, semi-automatic, safe for long rides on up and down roads, very low fuel consumption, and owned by me. :)

Please be noticed that our motorbikes have never been rented out before. They are our private bikes. The semi-automatic (Honda Wave S) belongs to me and is registered under my wife’s name and the other one (automatic Honda Air Blade) belongs to my father-in-law and is registered under my mother-in-law’s name. Here in Vietnam, the women keep money, so don’t argue with me about the ownership of the bikes. :) :). Both these two motorbikes are very well maintained and under a very good condition. The Honda Wave S was bought just two months ago and it has run only 1000 miles. This semi-automatic bike is very good for a long ride or when you want to escape from this crowded city for a beautiful countryside with up and down roads. The Honda Air Blade is automatic and is very good for short rides around the city or in the countryside with flat terrain. Both of them were made by Honda which is known to its fuel savings feature.

Please visit Honda Air Blade and Honda Wave S pages under the Bikes page to get an idea of pros and cons of each bike. In case there is something wrong with the bikes you rent, I have two replacement bikes for you to choose. CLICK HERE to see what the replacement bikes look like?

Why do I rent them?

If you are reading this and wondering why I want to rent them, here is a very long answer and please keep patient. :) :)

I am presently living with my parents-in-law, my wife and me. We have four motorbikes for moving around, but in May, two of them will be “jobless”, just like me now. My wife will give birth to a boy in May and she’ll have 6 months of maternity leave, so her bike will become jobless. My father-in-law is going to retire at the end of this April to look after his grandson and his grand daughter (my brother-in-law’s wife will give birth to a girl in June), so his bike will also become “jobless”. That’s just half of a story. The second half of the story is that I am now jobless in its literal meaning, and I don’t know what to do. I have applied for six companies in two months, yet only one of them invited me for an interview and I failed miserably. :( :(. I talk to my boy who is still in my wife’s belly every night and when I asked him whether I started a business, he said “yes” by poking his  little feet to my palm. :) :) I have been thinking of setting up my own business for years, but life has just dragged me on. Then this bike renting idea came in, suddenly, just last Sunday and within more than a week, this “to-be-updated” website is up for you. My hope is that even if you don’t rent my bikes, you still find something interesting to read.

What do you enjoy?

If you rent our bikes, here are a few things that you will enjoy:

  1. Reliable motorbikes which are well maintained and in a very good condition;
  2. Free delivery and pick up (just tell me where you are, and the bike you rent will get you soon);
  3. Free training and free trial riding;
  4. Free and unlimited support (you can call me at any time to ask for about anything or when you need help with a third party);
  5. Quality helmets are provided at no extra costs;
  6. Free emergency repair and bike replacement;
  7. Etc.

What do I need from you?

In return for our good and reliable bikes and excellent services, please remember:

  1. You must be a funny and positive person :) :)
  2. You need to have a driving license to qualify for the rental;
  3. We need to keep your personal papers (e.g. ID or passport) to ensure you’ll return the bikes;
  4. No deposit is required if you rent a bike to get around the city; but
  5. Deposit is required if you rent a bike to travel outside the city;

Price options and payment

With as low as US$ 29 per week (as low as $ 4.1 per day) and US$ 79 per month (as low as $2.9 per day), you can have my Honda Wave 100 S to dig around every corner and alley of Saigon city or escape from the city to a beautiful countryside, and with as low as US$ 39 per week (as low as $ 5.5 per day) and US$ 99 per month (as low as $3.3 per month) , the fully automatic and powerful Honda Air Blade is at your hand for use.  To have a cup of Starbucks coffee in Vietnam, you have to pay about $5. If you rent my Honda Air Blade for one week, I’ll suggest you sacrifice Starbucks for 7 days. :) :) In addition, you’ll get good discounts when you rent a bike for multiple weeks or multiple months. For one-day rental, I am not sure I can be available to handle it everyday, but just contact me if you want a bike for just one day or half a day. The rental price for one day of the Honda Wave S is $5 and Honda Air Blade $7, not including $3 for delivery and pick up. For weekly and monthly rental, you’ll enjoy free delivery and pick up.

What about payment? Cash is the most convenient for small amounts. You can choose to pay the whole in advance or pay just half of the rental in advance and pay the other half when you return the bike. It is ok for both weekly and monthly rent options.

Last but not least, our bikes are waiting for you to pick up. Take one of them with you to explore Saigon, to dive every street of the city, to stop by any restaurant or shop that is attracted to you, to feel the dust and smoke from the exhaust pipe of other bikes, to feel the hot air touching your right foot because the engine of the bike is getting warm after long hours of riding, to scan the faces when you stop at the traffic lights and to give them your peaceful smile, to feel the wind given by God, and the perfume smell from some lady riders ahead of you or just overtaking you, and to etc………………………………….. :) :)

I am here to support you with that choice.

Just Call me: 0129-514-0005 (if you are in Vietnam) and +84 129-514-0005 (if you are outside Vietnam) or just Drop me an email: PhamHoaBN@Gmail.com to reserve your bike. I am more than happy to serve you.

Yours sincerely,

Pham Thanh Hoa

Enclosed: A lot of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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  1. Hi James,

    Thank you for your question. Currently, I have only two bikes for rent and I haven’t thought so far yet though I should have done that. I will come back with that when I expand my business and everything will be posted on our website. Thank you again and wish you have beautiful days everyday.

  2. Thank you Herman for your interest in our bike rental services. I am so sorry that all the bikes have been rented out for a quite long time. I cannot meet my two bikes until the April next year. It was just a test when I created the website but now there have been so many orders that I cannot handle. I intend to expand my business soon and if I can mobilize another Honda Air Blade, I will email you back. Remember that on Pham Ngu Lao and De Tham streets, District 1, in Ho Chi Minh there are a lot of bike shops and you can easily pick up one at a good price.

  3. Thank you Gro for your interest in our website and our bike services. To be honest, currently I have only two bikes for rent and they have been all rented out for quite a long time. I would suggest you to visit Pham Ngu Lao and De Tham streets in District 1, Ho Chi Minh where there is a variety of bikes for you to choose. Good luck and have nice stay in Ho Chi Minh.

  4. I actually do trust the many principles you’ve got introduced to your submit. These are convincing and will definitely do the job vietnam cycling. Still, a threads are very short for freshies. May possibly you want increase these individuals slightly by when? Thanks for the publish.

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